It includes limited market study for arriving at bed capacity along with specialties, macro facility planning, first cut project cost, revenue planning and estimating financial feasibility and indicators, sensitivity analysis.

As per the concept finalized by client, vetting the space plan, inter/intra-relationships of each and every specialties/departmental requirement, stack diagram, review/adequacy of engineering requirements, review and updating project cost pre-tender stage.

Includes Detailed Project Report, Architectural and Engineering Design, Medical Equipment Planning and Operations Planning Advisory services. Please refer to each service for a brief description of same.

  1. Space Program and Concept Design - Client's brief will be translated into a space program and conceptual block plans for your project to help in establishing a budget for your project.
  2. Statutory Approval - Prepare all drawings necessary for approval from statutory authorities as per the local norms and submit the same. Ensuring approval drawings are in compliance with codes, standards and other locally applicable guidelines of approving municipality.
  3. Schematic Design - Based on the approved Space Program and Concept Block Plans, the designers will begin the schematic design. Rooms, corridors, work areas, storage alcoves and materials will be planned and verified with the client and users. Simultaneously exterior and interior design concepts for your review and approval shall be developed. As part of the schematic design phase, the services engineers will also begin to develop and present concepts for the proposed building systems.
  4. Detailed Design/Tender Package - Detailed Design means working closely with the client and users to identify and plan each and every room, work areas, treatment area and offices for its intended use. Equipment, finishes, and necessary engineering services need for each space will be identified and planned in detailed. Documents such as drawings and BOQs required for Tendering shall be prepared.
  5. Tendering - To solicit bids from qualified contractors or by whatever system may be mutually agreed with the client. Tendering usually refers to the process whereby clients invite bids for projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline.
  6. Construction Documents - A complete set of documents including architecture, engineering services including structural and medical gas etc, interior design, civil, landscape and specifications appropriate for constructing the project.
  7. Construction Observation - Comprehensive Design services include site observation visits once a month, review of design intent, and issue a certificate of substantial completion. This includes review and approval of shop drawings and preparation of snag list pertaining to design intent.
  1. Structural - The scope include planning and design of a building structure capable of resisting all applied loads without failure during its intended life. Consideration of the function, aesthetics and general layout/dimensions of structure results in the appropriate type of structural system for the building.
  2. Mechanical - The scope include planning and design of a building Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) requirements.
  3. Electrical - The scope include planning and design of a building Electrical Systems, Fire Detection & Alarm (FAS) and Data, Voice, Surveillance & Safety (LCS) requirements.
  4. Plumbing - The scope include planning and design of a building Public Health Engineering (PHE) and Fire Protection System (FPS) requirements.

Includes comprehensive project management services across all design and construction disciplines to ensure timely, cost-effective and high quality deliverables. Design Management and Construction Management are the two key responsibilities during this stage.

  1. Responsible for developing a Project Brief encompassing site planning, phasing, space requirements, cost targets, time and quality levels including any specific user requirements.
  2. Responsible for Design Coordination with all consultants and continuously monitor the design schedule.
  3. Responsible for Design Peer Review of drawings and specifications to identify cost/time/quality implications.
  4. Responsible to implement Value Engineering studies with the aim to achieve Return on Investment.
  5. Responsible to provide Build ability Factor for certain design components/assemblies which helps to optimize means and methods of construction in terms of cost, time and quality.
  1. Responsible for overall Management of Construction including monitoring work of contractors and suppliers to ensure compliance per contract and construction documents.
  2. Responsible for establishing Quality Assurance/Control Program to ensure that construction is executed in accordance per project specifications, schedule and approved budget.
  3. Responsible for reviewing Site Logistics and approving plan of action developed by Contractors for effective site operations.
  4. Responsible for Communication Management which results in effective supervision and handling of Information flow between Consultants and Contractors to reduce any cost/time delay.
  5. Responsible for review, update and advice on Schedule Management to ensure the project milestones are achieved including any deviations or revisions during the duration of project.
  6. Responsible for monitoring Cost Management per the established Cost Plan throughout the entire duration of the project. Responsible for updating the Client with the status of project cost impact due to any change orders, client directives, cost escalation, etc.
  7. Responsible for monitoring compilation of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manuals and hand over to the Client's maintenance team.
  8. Responsible for establishing protocols for Close Out and Sign Off for hand over to Client User Group for final acceptance.

Expertise to provide detailed information and advice client on a product or a building system or on a traffic flow of user groups or a business model or a sequence of procurement, etc. Optimization reviews of processes, sequence & operations to identify opportunities for improvements and cost reductions.

Perform as the single point of contact between the Client and the rest of the project team for the flow of all information, reporting and decision-making on the project. Assisting the Client in determining and managing their requirements in terms of time, cost, scope and function.

We will act as Third Party Consultant to review the Work done or to be done as a Peer on behalf of Client and offer our expert opinion to mitigate any perceived risk or project issues.

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